Welldone plant-based sausages are juicy, delicious and easy to cook. Perfectly combines with any side dishes or nestled between a soft brioche in a flavorful hot dog.
Welldone plant-based mince brings huge versatility and will work great in any of your favorite recipes: kofta, shawarma, pasta Bolognese, meatballs, lasagna, Chili con carne and many other. Just follow favorite recipe!
Experience a feeling of eating a meaty patty straight from the grill. All stuffed with plant-based goodness. Сheese, soft bun, crispy salad, fresh tomato, onion, pickles, ketchup and mustard – choose what you like best to add to your delicious Welldone Burger.
Global Supply
We source top ingredients from all over the World and leverage state of art processing technology to deliver exceptional taste, quality and nutritional value of our products
High Fiber
Fiber plays a major role in digestive health. It reduces the rate of absorption of glucose leading to a blunted blood glucose response curve and less demand for insulin
Great Source of Protein
Contains all essential amino acids in proportions needed to meet human protein requirements
Tastes Delicious
Swapping to plant-based diet has never been easier
Good for Your Heart
It has zero cholesterol and substantially less saturated fats compared to 80/20 ground beef
Preserves Natural Resources
Save our Planet by eating more plant-based food we drastically cut our carbon footprint and save water supplies
Benefits the environment
Contains all essential amino acids
High protein quantity
Helps feel full longer
Reduces the rate of absorption of glucose
Helps to maintain bowel health
Good for frying
Contains Antioxidants
No Cholesterol
Pinacta Food Company Ltd Cyprus, Limassol